Brazilian Great Awakening Tour City #27 Orlando FL

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I have been a christan for seven years now. My walk with the lord has been growing year by year. In these seven years i have been blessed in every way, both spiritly and matrial based. But for me its starting to get pretty boring. A year after i excepted christ i was chose to be a interseser, okay thats great & very exciting right? When i pry i saw alot of exciting things happening! Then i was annointed to be a worshiper. My paster seperated me to walk by her side, i had the attention, the honnor, but for me it was not enuf something was missing! When i came to orlando in 2005 i became a dican, thats good, but not enuf! And then i became a leader of a ministero de danca primicias, a dance group. Also i became a leader of worshipers. Thats great, but not enuf! I had all these leaderships but i was empty! And in New Years Eve i started to seek for God and i started to tell him how i felt, why i felt unsatisfied and empty. Why did i feel this way? I should be satisfied i had all these ministries i had a great relationship with the lord, but it didnt fill me. So i said to the lord tell me why im so empty?!? And he said very clearly win me souls! And i said lord dont i have to graduate, speak very good, and know the whole bible? Dont i need to be trained? And he answered just open your mouth! But your going to find this rediculous, but i went to work i knew the lady who did my nails i have a lot of clients amd i couldnt speak! So are you ready for this? When i heard that the great awakeing tour was coming to our church i said to the lord either you pour on me a fresh oil & a authority to speak to people about jesus or you take me home because i have all this and i dont want to be just a pretty face in church anymore im here for a job and my job is to win souls. So i give you lord 4 days to change my life i dont care what it takes, what ever you need to do! So i fasted from tuesday to friday. For this purpose. On Wednsday i started to feel God move, i was siting in my seat during the word and when paster started to talk about that god gave us power, not beads, to go and speak his word i felt the ground start start to shake and my feet started to get hot, i knew something was going on! My heart started to get really tight and felt as if on fire. And i thought the lord was takeing me home, and i started thinking i should not have challenged him! My tough started to tighten and then the paster started praying for Bianca i was working as a dican andsomeone said to me go over there in case she falls and the paster looked at me and asked if i was her mother and i said no im her leader and he looked some more and said come here. I said to myself i cant fall im working! But i was already feeling the ground shaking, my tough on fire as well as my heart and thought oh well im dyeing! I went to the paster and he didnt even have to touch me i was on the ground for the WHOLE service. The next day i went to the service and i thought i got blessed yesterday so today is going to be chilled, or relaxed.To my surprise that night my legs it felt really weak so weak i couldnt get up! My tough started to move by itself my mouth started to open and started to speak a really funny laguage, like an aniciant african language. The next day we went to the nursing homes. And i said oh my gosh im so afaid what am i gonna say are they even going to hear me? When i went to the first person he was about 85 and i started to read the script and he looked at me and he said its that easy? Thats all i have to do? And i replied YES! And then i got ON FIRE and i started going from table to table like i was serving food. I didnt want to stop i only had one hour left because i had to go to work so in that one hour i won 7 souls i was soo excited. On a saturday morning i had four hours and boy did i use them up! I was the leader of 7 people and that day i won 37 souls! But thats not the good news! THe good news is i kept the scripter and im still spreading the word. Im going to Brasil from june to august and my goals are to win SOULS. If only i knew it was that easy, now i feel like nothing is missing. Im satisfied because im catching fish every second i can! So i consider great tour coming to my church an answer from God. If we are not wining souls we are not doing anything. So i now decide im a monthly devoter because i have to throw my seed where the harvest is and in the harvest are souls. THANK YOU PASTER FOR HEARING THE VOICE OG GOD! because through you god changed my life & satisfie my soul. p.s. pretty soon im coming to see you in tampa because im still hungry for the word. hey dont blaim me im a god chaser.

Antonia M
Windemere Florida United States

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